primary schools come in all shapes and sizes - and so does our range of menus and service styles.

We cater for the needs of thousands of 4-11-year-olds at all types of schools. Many schools offer two or three choices from the menu alongside a choice of a daily deli bag, a nutritious alternative to packed lunches from home, specially designed for eating alfresco during the summer term.

We want every child to get the meal they want. That's why we use photo menus in primary schools so pupils can see exactly what their lunch will look like. It really helps them to make the best choice. In addition, our innovative methods of delivery include ‘wristband’ pre ordering systems to ensure every child gets their first choice main meal at lunchtime.

These are example menus - not all schools serve all choices, please check with your child's school for the most up to date information.


Allergens, Food Intolerances and other Special Dietary Requirements

All our kitchen staff undertake allergen awareness training. We operate a very robust system to ensure each meal ordered is safely delivered to meet the individual customers’ needs and we are happy to provide menu advice and support for customers with medically diagnosed allergens and food intolerances. Please contact your child’s school in the first instance for more information.

Educaterers work in partnership with NHS Dietetics teams across the region to support customers with special dietary requirements. Please contact your child’s medical practitioner or dietician in the first instance for more information.

universal infant free school meals - is my child eligible?

If you have a child in Reception or Key Stage 1, your child is entitled to a free lunch every day. By offering so much great choice, we’re confident your child will find a meal combination they enjoy from our menu to help them develop and excel during school time.

Please contact your child's school for more information.

free school meal link

(click the above link to check eligibility for welfare free school meals, which applies to all primary, secondary and SEN pupils)

introducing the nutrigang: on a mission for nutrition

Who are the Nutrigang? 'Saffron', 'Iris', 'Reece' and 'Doug' are a group of four friends with different interests and hobbies who all share one passion: nutritious food.

Together, they help share the message about eating well and having fun. We’ve created these four colourful characters to engage with primary schoolchildren and promote healthy eating and encourage a lifelong interest in food, sustainability and ecology. The Nutrigang is exclusive to Educaterers.

We are now busy planning a calendar of exciting themed menus for the next school year. More detail to follow soon...

Please note not all schools participate in all our promotions and some schools hold events on different dates from those advertised - for more information, please contact your child’s school. Some menu items may change to meet customer preferences by agreement with individual schools.

For further details of how we could provide the meals at your school please email:

Big thanks to the wonderful pupils at St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School and Campion School (both in Leamington Spa) for helping with our website photography. Gold stars all round!