secondary schools and sixth form colleges

We understand that young people in secondary school and sixth form colleges often develop more sophisticated culinary tastes. So they need a wider variety of dining options, which can include ethnic cuisines and interesting new flavours. As these students work hard towards their exams, it’s more important than ever to provide them with nutritious, healthy food that helps fuel them physically and mentally to achieve all their goals. That’s our job.

introducing the meet & eat

Meet & Eat is our innovative secondary school and sixth form brand.

We designed it to support students enjoying downtime with their friends – so they can choose from healthy, nutritious foods and drinks which can be eaten either seated in a dining room setting or on the go (perhaps around an activity).

Whether for breakfast, mid-morning break or lunch, young people order their chosen individually-priced food items and pay via biometric cashless payment systems. The pre-order systems allow busy students to avoid queues without the need to carry cash. And it provides parents with details of their child’s food choices each day.

The result is a fast, fluid and efficient service that makes Meet & Eat so popular with students, parents and education providers alike.

promotions and meal deals a typical lunch menu

Allergens, Food Intolerances and other Special Dietary Requirements

All our kitchen staff undertake allergen awareness training, we operate a very robust system to ensure each meal ordered is safely delivered to meet the individual customers’ needs and we are happy to provide menu advice and support for customers with medically diagnosed allergens and food intolerances. Please contact your child’s school in the first instance for more information.

Educaterers work in partnership with NHS Dietetics teams across the region to support customers with special dietary requirements. Please contact your child’s medical practitioner or dietician in the first instance for more information.

Fuelling pupils' minds is what we’re all about – fuelling their bellies is a different ball game! Having worked with the Educaterers team for several years, the service we receive is really first class – from concept to delivery, with all the important bits in-between. Educaterers offer great value alongside a great ethos. If our pupils are happy (and they are), then I’m happy!

(Brian Langley, Business Manager, Campion School)

If you would like further details of how we could provide the meals at your school or college, please get in touch:

free school meal link

(click the above link to check eligibility for welfare free school meals, which applies to all primary, secondary and SEN pupils)

Big thanks to the wonderful pupils at St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School and Campion School (both in Leamington Spa) for helping with our website photography. Gold stars all round!